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last modified:2022/08/13

Assistant Professor SUMIKAMA, Takashi

Faculty, Affiliation

WPI Nano Life Science Institute

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Academic Background



Japan Science and Technology Agency PRESTO researcher(2020/11-)
Kanazawa University Nano Life Science Institute Assistant Professor(2020/04-)
Kanazawa University Institute for Frontier Science Initiative(2018/04-2020/03)
University of Fukui(2010/02-2018/03)
Institute for Molecular Science(2008/10-2010/01)
Nagoya University(2008/04-2008/09)

Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society



○Papers of the Month(2019/09)
○Irisawa Memorial Promotion Award for Young Physiologists(2018/03)
○Best paper award(2017/07)
○Best presentation award(2017/03)
○Excellent paper award(2016/11)



Speciality Keywords

Research Themes



  •  Vectorial insertion of a β-helical peptide into membrane: A theoretical study on polytheonamide B Mahroof Kalathingal,Takashi Sumikama,Shigetoshi Oiki,Shinji Saito 120 4786 2021/09
  •  Conductance selectivity of Na+ across the K+ channel via Na+ trapped in a tortuous trajectory Kenichiro Mita,Takashi Sumikama,Masayuki Iwamoto,Yuka Matsuki,Kenji Shigemi,Shigetoshi Oiki Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 12 e2017168118 2021/03/23 
  •  Computed Atomic Force Microscopy Images of Chromosomes by Calculating Forces with Oscillating Probes Takashi Sumikama,Adam S. Foster,Takeshi Fukuma Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 2213 2020/01 
  •  Queueing arrival and release mechanism for K+ permeation through a potassium channel Takashi Sumikama,Shigetoshi Oiki Journal of Physiological Sciences 69 919 2019/08 
  •  High-speed AFM reveals accelerated binding of agitoxin-2 to a K+ channel by induced fit Ayumi Sumino,Takashi Sumikama,Takayuki Uchihashi,Shigetoshi Oiki Science Advances 5 eaax0495 2019/07 

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  •  Capturing the Freeze-Drying Dynamics of NaCl Nanoparticles Using THz Spectroscopy Katsuhiro Ajito,Yuko Ueno,Jae-Young Kim,Takashi Sumikama Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 42 13793 2018/10 
  •  Origins of Heat Evolution in Mixing Water and Dimethyl Sulfoxide Kazuko Mizuno,Takashi Sumikama,Yoshinori Tarnai,Masahiko Tani 2018 43rd International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves (IRMMW-THz) 2018/09 
  •  A Letter to Editors—A Proposal for SEIBUTSU BUTSURI— Takashi SUMIKAMA Seibutsu Butsuri 58 2 108 2018 
  •  Entrance of Channel Determines Ion Permeation Rate through the Kv1.2 Channel Takashi Sumikama,Shigetoshi Oiki Seibutsu Butsuri 58 1 012 2018 
  •  Structure and dynamics of solvent molecules inside the polytheonamide B channel in different environments: a molecular dynamics study Mahroof Kalathingal,Takashi Sumikama,Toshifumi Mori,Shigetoshi Oiki,Shinji Saito Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 5 3334 2018 
  •  Digitalized K+ Occupancy in the Nanocavity Holds and Releases Queues of K+ in a Channel Takashi Sumikama,Shigetoshi Oiki Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 32 10284 2016/08
  •  Origin of the Shape of Current-Voltage Curve through Nanopores: A Molecular Dynamics Study Takashi Sumikama Scientific Reports 6 25750 2016/05
  •  Structure and Dynamics of Membrane-embedded KcsA Potassium Channel Revealed by Atomic Force Microscopy Ayumi Sumino,Daisuke Yamamoto,Takashi Sumikama,Masayuki Iwamoto,Takehisa Dewa,Shigetoshi Oiki Seibutsu Butsuri 55 1 005 2015 
  •  Mechanism of ion permeation through a model channel: Roles of energetic and entropic contributions Takashi Sumikama,Shinji Saito,Iwao Ohmine Journal of Chemical Physics 139 16 165106 2013/10/28
  •  The Open Gate Structure of the Membrane-Embedded KcsA Potassium Channel Viewed From the Cytoplasmic Side Ayumi Sumino,Takashi Sumikama,Masayuki Iwamoto,Takehisa Dewa,Shigetoshi Oiki Scientific Reports 3 1063 2013/01
  •  Cycle Flux Algebra for Ion and Water Flux through the KcsA Channel Single-File Pore Links Microscopic Trajectories and Macroscopic Observables Shigetoshi Oiki,Masayuki Iwamoto,Takashi Sumikama PLoS ONE 6 1 e16578 2011/01
  •  A mesoscopic approach to understanding the mechanisms underlying the ion permeation on the discrete-state diagram Shigetoshi Oiki,Masayuki Iwamoto,Takashi Sumikama Journal of General Physiology 136 3 363 2010/09
  •  Mechanism of ion permeation in a model channel: Free energy surface and dynamics of K+ ion transport in an anion-doped carbon nanotube Takashi Sumikama,Shinji Saito,Iwao Ohmine Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 41 20671 2006/10

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○Basic Computational Science(2020)

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