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Researcher Information

last modified:2021/01/08

Assistant Professor TAKATSUKA, Hirotomo


Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Biological Science and Technology,Institute of Science and Engineering

College and School Educational Field


Academic Background


Kanazawa University(2019/11-)
Nara Institute of Science and Technology(2018/04-2019/10)
Nara Institute of Science and Technology(2016/04-2018/03)

Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society



Plant molecular biology/Plant physiology

Speciality Keywords

Cell division, cell cycle, endoreplication, cell growth, cytoskelton, phytohormone, epigenetics

Research Themes

The Molecular Mechanism Underlying Active Cell Growth in plants



  •  ABA inhibits root cell elongation through repressing the cytokinin signaling Plant Signaling & Behavior 14 e1578632 2019/02
  •  Actin reorganization triggers rapid cell elongation in roots Takatsuka H, Higaki T, Umeda M Plant Physiology 178 1130-1141 2018/09
  •  R1R2R3-Myb proteins are essential for cell cycle arrest in response to DNA damage Chen P, Takatsuka H, Takahashi N, Kurata R, Fukao Y, Kobayashi K, Ito M, Umeda M Nature Communications 8 635 2017/09
  •  Epigenetic control of cell division and cell differentiation in the root apex Takatsuka H, Umeda M Frontiers in Plant Science 2015/12
  •  Cyclin-dependent kinase-activating kinases CDKD;1 and CDKD;3 are essential for preserving mitotic activity in Arabidopsis thaliana Takatsuka H, Ohno R, Umeda M The Plant Journal 82 1004-1017 2015/06

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  •  Hormonal control of cell division and elongation along differentiation trajectories in roots Takatsuka H, Umeda M Journal of Experimental Botany 65 2633-2643 2014/06
  •  VAN4 Encodes a Putative TRS120 That is Required for Normal Cell Growth and Vein Development in Arabidopsis Naramoto S, Nodzyłski T, Dainobu T, Takatsuka H, Okada T, Friml J, Fukuda H Plant & Cell Physiology 55 750-763 2014/04
  •  The Arabidopsis cyclin-dependent kinase-activating kinase CDKF;1 is a major regulator of cell proliferation and cell expansion but is dispensable for CDKA activation Takatsuka H, Ohno R, Umeda M The Plant Journal 59 475-487 2009/08
  •  CDKD-dependent activation of CDKA;1 controls microtubule dynamics and cytokinesis during meiosis Kostika Sofroni, Hirotomo Takatsuka, Chao Yang, Nico Dissmeyer, Shinichiro Komaki, Yuki Hamamura, Lev Böttger, Masaaki Umeda, Arp Schnittger Journal of cell biology 219 8 2020/08/03

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