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Researcher Information

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Professor TAKEMURA Akihiro

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Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Health Sciences, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

College and School Educational Field

Division of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Phamaceutical Science
Division of Neuroscience, Graduate School of Medical Science
Department of Radiological Technology,School of Health Sciences, College of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences


Department of Quantum Medical Technology FAX:076-234-4366

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Kanazawa University Master Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences Health Sciences 200203 Completed
Kanazawa University Doctor Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences 200503 Completed
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Osaka University 1999


The Hospital of Hyougo Callage of Medicine Department of . Radiology(1994/04/01-1997/03/31)
Kanazawa University Faculty of Health Sciences, Inst. of Medicine, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences Assistant Professor(1999/04/01-2007/10/01)
Kanazawa University Faculty of Health Sciences, Inst. of Medicine, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences Associate Professor(2007/10/01-)

Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society



Japanese radiologist society


○Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(2002/06/01)
○Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(2002/06/01)
○Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(2002/06/01)
○JSRT The technical encouragement prize (X-ray)(2007/04/14)
○JSRT Rookie of the year technical award (X-ray)(2008/04/05)
○JSRT Rookie of the year technical award (X-ray)(2008/04/05)
○JSRT Rookie of the year technical award (X-ray)(2008/04/05)
○JSRT Rookie of the year technical award (X-ray)(2008/04/05)
○Excellent Student Awords(2016/04/17)


Technology for radiation therapy & Medical Physics 、Medical systems

Speciality Keywords

Image Guided Radiotherapy

Research Themes

Effects of setup errors obtained in image guided radiation therapy to dose disribution

We are analyzing change in a dose distribution affected by daily setup errors which are obtained by a image registration method in image guided radiotherapy(IGRT).

Research of midical image processing and image registration method

Researches of image processing technique using medical X-ray images, CT data, MRI data and so on, and also researches related to medical image registration which superimposes two medical images to make region recognition of a disease easily.

Research related to dose accumulation using deformable image registration in radiation therapy

Reaserch relatede to radiotherapy

Analysis of setup error on Image guided radiation therapy

Development of the Computer-Assisted Catheter Guide system.



  •  Uncertainty of Cross Calibration-applied Beam Quality Conversion Factor for the Japan Society of Medical Physics 12 Naoki Kinoshita, Akinobu Kita,Akihiro Takemura, Yasuhiro Nishimoto, and Toshiki Adachi Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology 70 9 2014/09
  •  Accuracy of Dose Delivery in Multiple Breath-Hold Segmented Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy: A Static Phantom Study Kimiya Noto, Shinichi Ueda, Hironori Kojima, Naoki Isomura, Akihiro Takemura, Shigeyuki Takamatsu, Tomoyasu Kumano, and Tsuyoshi Takanaka  Journal of Radiotherapy 2014 743150 2014
  •  Comparison of Image Distortion between Three Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems of Different Magnetic Field Strengths for Use in Stereotactic Irradiation of Brain. Takemura A,Sasamoto K,Nakamura K,Kuroda T,Shoji S,Matsuura Y,Matsushita T Nihon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai Zasshi 69 6 641-7 2013/07
  •  A method for evaluating the positional accuracy of a six-degrees-of-freedom radiotherapy couch using high definition digital cameras Takemura A, Ueda S, Noto K, Kurata Y, Shoji S 67 9 1174-1182 2011/09
  •  Effectiveness of temporal and dynamic subtraction images of the liver for detection of small HCC on abdominal CT images: comparison of 3D nonlinear image warping and 3D global-matching technique Okumura E, Sanada S, Suzuki M, Takemura A, Matsui O. Radiological Physics and Technology 4 2 109-120 2011

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  •  Radioanatomical study of the bronchovascular anomalies of the middle and lower lobes of the right lung using maltidetector computed tomography Yusuke Okumura, Masayuki Suzuki, Akihiro Takemura, Shiro Takahashi 33(4) 2009
  •  Effect of daily setup errors on the individual dose distribution in conventional radiotherapy - an initial study - Akihiro Takemura, Saori Shoji, Sinichi Ueda, Yuichi Kurata, Tomoyasu Kumano, Shigeyuki Takamatsu, Masayuki Suzuki 2009
  •  Primary malignant lymphoma of the breast: a case report Akihiro Takemura, Yuji Mizukami, Teruhiko Takayama, Takeo Taniya, Hirokazu Okumura 27 221-224 2009
  •  Analysis of respiration-related movement of upper abdominal arteries. - preliminary measurement for the development of a respiratory motion compensation technique of roadmap navigation - Akihiro Takemura, Masayuki Suzuki, Kiyoshi Sakamoto, Tsubasa Kitada, Hiroji Iida, Yusuke Okumura, Hajime Harauchi 1 2  178-182 2008
  •  An algorithm for tracking micro-catheters in fluoroscopy Akihiro Takemura, Kenneth R. Hoffmann, Masayuki Suzuki, Zhou Wang, Hussain S. Rangwala, et al. 21 1  99-108 2008
  •  Micro-catheter tip enhancement in fluoroscopy: A comparison of techniques Akihiro Takemura, Kenneth R. Hoffmann, Masayuki Suzuki, Zhou Wang, Hussain S. Rangwala, et al. 20 4 367-372 2007
  •  Automatic anatomical labeling method of cerebral arteries in MR-angiography data set Takemura A, Suzuki M, Harauchi H, Okumura Y 26 4  187-198 2007
  •  A rule-based scheme for detection of accessory cardiac bronchus in chest computed tomography images A. Takemura, M. Suzuki, H. Harauchi and Y. Okumura 1 suppl.1  362-365 2006
  •  Automatic segmentation method which divides a cerebral artery tree in time-of-flight MR-angiography into artery segments Akihiro Takemura, Masayuki Suzuki, Hajime Harauchi and Yusuke Okumura 6144, 61443G.1 - 61443G 9 2006
  •  Four cases of accessory cardiac bronchus incidentally detected on multi-detector CT Masayuki Suzuki, Osamu Matsui, Akihiro Takemura, Takeshi Kobayashi, Kenji Yoneda, Yoshihiro Shibata 57 2  47-50 2006
  •  Tracking technique of a micro guide wire in sequential fluorograms 61 12 1040-1048 2005/12
  •  Telemedicine of MR imagings by gigabit network: Toyama city Hospital-Kanazawa University 20 4 497-501 2004/04
  •  Development of a system which automatically acquires optimal discrete-valued attributes by dividing and grouping continuous-valued attributes to assist clinical decision making in radiotherapy. 23 3 163-172 2003/09
  •  An algorithm for mapping the catheter tip position on a fluorograph to the three-dimensional position in magnetic resonance angiography volume data. PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 48 16 2697-2711 2003/08
  •  Development of a Virtual Private Database for a multi-institutional Internet-based Radiation Oncology Database overcoming differences in protocols. 22 2 125-133 2002/06
  •  Developmet of infrastructure for bidirectional data conversion and two dimensional data structure in the linkage of plural radiotherapy facilities with Integrated multi-institutional radiation oncology database. Proceedings of the 14th international Congress and Exhibition CARS2000 CARS2000 673-678 2000/07
  •  Comparison of the Motion Accuracy of a Six Degrees of Freedom Radiotherapy Couch with and without Weights Akihiro Takemura , Shinichi Ueda, Kimiya Noto, Hironori Kojima, Naoki Isomura International Journal of Medical Physics,Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology 2 3 69-75 2013
  •  The use of positron emission tomography/computed tomography imaging in radiation therapy: a phantom study for setting internal target volume of biological target volume Kawakami, Wataru;Takemura, Akihiro;Yokoyama, Kunihiko;Nakajima, Kenichi;Yokoyama, Syoichi;Koshida, Kichiro RADIATION ONCOLOGY 10 2015/01/01 
  •  The use of positron emission tomography/computed tomography imaging in radiation therapy: A phantom study for setting internal target volume of biological target volume Wataru Kawakami, Akihiro Takemura, Kunihiko Yokoyama, Kenichi Nakajima, Syoichi Yokoyama and Kichiro Koshida Radiation Oncology 2015
  •  An uncertainty metric to evaluate deformation vector fields for dose accumulation in radiotherapy Akihiro Takemura, Akira Nagano, Hironori Kojima, Tomohiro Ikeda, Noriomi Yokoyama, Kosuke Tsukamoto, Kimiya Noto, Naoki Isomura, Shinichi Ueda, Hiroki Kawashima Physics and Imaging in radiation oncology 6 77-82 2018
  •  Impact of pitch angle setup error and setup error correction on dose distribution in volumetric modulated arc therapy for prostate cancer Akihiro Takemura , Kumiko Togawa, Tomohiro Yokoi, Shinichi Ueda, Kimiya Noto, Hironori Kojima, Naoki Isomura, Tomoyasu Kumano Radiological Physics and Technology 9 2 178-186 2016
  •  Evaluation of deformable image registration between high dose rate brachytherapy and Intensity modulated radiation therapy for prostate cancer  N. Yokoyama1, A. Takemura2, H. Kojima3, K. Tsukamoto1, S. Ueda3, and K. Noto3 IFMBE proceedings 63 3 505-508 2018
  •   Assessment of scatter radiation dose and absorbed doses in eye lens and thyroid gland during digital breast tomosynthesis Thunyarat Chusin Kosuke Matsubara Akihiro Takemura Rena Okubo Yoshinori Ogawa Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics 20 1 340-347 2018
  •  A metric for evaluation of deformable image registration Akihiro Takemura, Hironori Kojima, Shinichi Ueda, Naoki Isomura, Kimiya Noto, Tomohiro Ikeda Proc. SPIE   9415 941520:1-6 2015
  •  A disk-type dose imaging detector based on blue and orange RPL in Ag-activated phosphate glass for 2D and 3D dose imaging applications Kurobori, Toshio Takemura, Akihiro Miyamoto, Yuka Maki, Daisuke Koguchi, Yasuhiro Takeuchi, Nobuhiro Yamamoto, Takayoshi Chen, Yao Qiang Radiation Measurements 83 51-55 2015
  •  Evaluation of time delay and fluoroscopic dose in a new real-time tumor-tracking radiotherapy system Masayasu Kitagawa1,2), Ayaka Hirosawa1,2), Akihiro Takemura3) IFMBE proceedings 63 3 487-491 2018
  •  Development of optical computed tomography for evaluation of the absorbed dose of the dyed gel dosimeter Takuya Wada1, Kazuya Nakayama2, Akihiro Takemura2, Hiroaki Yamamoto3, Hironori Kojima4, Naoki Isomura4 and Kimiya Noto4 IFMBE proceedings 63 3 581-584 2018
  •  Validation of mammographic X-ray spectra generated using particle and heavy ion transport code system  Chusin, Thunyarat; Matsubara, Kosuke; Takemura, Akihiro; Okubo, Rena; Ogawa, Yoshinori PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 2020
  •  Factual survey of the clinical use of deformable image registration software for radiotherapy in Japan Noriyuki Kadoya, Satoshi Kito, Masahiko Kurooka, Masahide Saito, Akihiro Takemura, Naoki Tohyama, Masahide Tominaga, Yujiro Nakajima, Yukio Fujita, Yuki Miyabe Journal of Radiation Research 60 4 546-553 2019
  •  [Optimization of X-ray conditions for full spine X-ray examinations in slot-scan digital radiography]. Noto, Kimiya; Minami, Syuhei; Morishita, Ayumi; Yokoi, Tomohiro; Iida, Hiroji; Matsubara, Kosuke; Takemura, Akihiro; Koshida, Kichiro Nihon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai zasshi 67 11 1438-1442 2011/12/01 
  •  Effectiveness of temporal and dynamic subtraction images of the liver for detection of small HCC on abdominal CT images: Comparison of 3D nonlinear image-warping and 3D global-matching techniques Okumura, Eiichiro; Sanada, Shigeru; Suzuki, Masayuki; Takemura, Akihiro; Matsui, Osamu Radiological Physics and Technology 4 2 109-120 2011/07/01 

Conference Presentations

  • Dosimetric analysis of multiple breath-hold segmented volumetric modulated arc radiation therapy plans with and without fiducial markers for pancreatic cancer (conference:ASTRO2018)(2018/10/21)
  • Characterization of Deformable Image Registration for the Pelvic Region Based On Prostate Shifting, Image Noise and the Existence of Implanted Fiducial Markers(2016/07/31)
  • Development of Optical CT for Dye Gel Dosimeter (2018/04/12)
  • Impact of Needles and Contrast Medium in Pelvic CT Images for High Dose Rate Brachytherapy on Deformable Image Registration Accuracy (2018/04/12)
  • Dosimetric Evaluation of the Dual Energy Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Planning for Head and Neck Cancer (2018/04/12)

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  • Verification of irradiation parameters on VMAT for head and neck cancer (2013/04/11)
  • Comparison of Absorbed-Dose to Water in High-Energy Photon Beams Due to Differences in Beam Quality Conversion Factor. (conference:2013 AAPM Annual Meeting )(2013/08/03)
  • Characterization of deformable image registration for the pelvic region regarding changes in contrast, noise, and prostate shifting(2016/04/14)
  • Evaluation of MV and kV isocenter displacement for an IGRT linac with and without an add-on micro multileaf collimator.(conference:2013 AAPM Annual Meeting )(2013/08/03)
  • Two- and three-dimensional X-ray image reconstruction from a disk-type Ag-activated phosphate glass plate(conference:the 26th International Conference on Nuclear Tracks in Solids (ICNTS-26))(2014/09/15)
  • Reduction of the radiation dose to the crystalline lens in cone-beam computed tomography(2016/11/25)
  • The density increasing of bone equivalent polymer gel dosimeter (2018/04/12)
  • "Development of bone equivalent polymer gel dosimeter: R2 - dose response curve " (conference:IUPESM2018)(2018/06/03)
  • Improvement clinical quality of the dual energy volumetric modulated arc therapy planning for head and neck cancer (conference:IUPESM2018)(2018/06/03)
  • Changes in absorbed dose to water for high-energy electron beams by beam quality correction factor (2014/04/08)


  •  Visulaization of the lower cranial nerves by 3D-FIESTA 61 2 291-297 2005/02

Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

○Evaluation method for Deformable Image Registration in radiotherapy

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

○「VE(Vartual Endoscopy)を血管造影検査での透視と連動させたIVR(Interventional Radiology)支援システムの開発」(2001-) 
○「高速三次元レーザースキャンと体熱追跡技術による新しい体表監視システムの開発と評価 」(2020-2021) 
○「放射線治療における変形画像照合技術を用いた線量合算制度の評価手法確立 」(2020-2021) 
○「高速三次元レーザースキャンと体熱追跡技術による新しい体表監視システムの開発と評価 」(2019-2021) 
○「放射線治療における変形画像照合技術を用いた線量合算制度の評価手法確立 」(2019-2021) 

Competitive research funding,Contribution

Collaborative research,Consignment study

Classes (Bachelors)

○Thesis Reports(2019)
○Clinical Training 2(2019)
○Clinical Training 1(2019)
○Radiation Therapy Technology(2019)
○High Energy Radiological Medicine(2019)
○Machinery and Technology for High Precision Radiotherapy(2019)
○Radiation Oncology(2019)
○Basic Health Science 2(2019)
○Basic Health Science 1(2019)
○Radiation Oncology(2018)
○Clinical Training 2(2018)
○Radiation Therapy Technology(2018)
○Machinery and Technology for High Precision Radiotherapy(2018)
○Clinical Training 1(2018)
○Basic Health Science 1(2018)
○Basic Health Science 2(2018)
○High Energy Radiological Medicine(2018)
○Thesis Reports(2018)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2017)
○Introduction to Region-studies(2017)
○Radiation Therapy Technology(2017)
○Radiation Oncology(2017)
○Clinical Training 2(2017)
○High Energy Radiological Medicine(2017)
○Freshman Seminar I(2017)
○Clinical Training 1(2017)
○Clinical Training 1(2016)
○Radiation Therapy Technology(2016)
○Clinical Training 2(2016)
○High Energy Radiological Medicine(2016)
○Radiation Oncology(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Consultation Theory and Techniques(2019)
○Itemized Lectures on Palliative for the Cancer Patients(2019)
○Itemized Lectures on Radiation Oncology(2019)
○Itemized Lectures on Cancer Pharmacology(2019)
○Clinical Quantitative Technology: Research(2019)
○Clinical Practice Management Seminar(2019)
○Radiation therapy Technology:Lecture(2019)
○Clinical Quantitative Technology: Seminar(2019)
○Clinical Quantitative Technology: Lecture(2019)
○Introduction to Molecular Biology of Cancer(2019)
○Itemized Lectures on Palliative Care for the Cancer Patients(2019)
○Itemized Lectures on Radiation Oncology(2019)
○Itemized Lectures on Cancer Pharmacology(2019)
○Clinical Quantitave Technology: Research(2019)
○Radiation therapy & Biological Safe Science: Semi.(2019)
○Radiation therapy & Biological Safe Science: Lec.(2019)
○Medical Physics:Lecture(2019)
○Research Design in Medical Radiation Science: Lec.(2019)
○Research Design in Health Science 2: Lecture(2019)
○Clinical Quantitave Technology: Research(2018)
○Itemized Lectures on Palliative for the Cancer Patients(2018)
○Clinical Quantitative Technology: Lecture(2018)
○Clinical Quantitative Technology: Research(2018)
○Research Design in Health Science 2: Lecture(2018)
○Research Design in Medical Radiation Science: Lec.(2018)
○Itemized Lectures on Palliative Care for the Cancer Patients(2018)
○Introduction to Molecular Biology of Cancer(2018)
○Itemized Lectures on Cancer Pharmacology(2018)
○Itemized Lectures on Radiation Oncology(2018)
○Consultation Theory and Techniques(2018)
○Clinical Quantitative Technology: Seminar(2018)
○Radiation therapy Technology:Lecture(2018)
○Clinical Practice Management Seminar(2018)
○Itemized Lectures on Cancer Pharmacology(2018)
○Radiation therapy & Biological Safe Science: Lec.(2018)
○Medical Physics:Lecture(2018)
○Radiation therapy & Biological Safe Science: Semi.(2018)
○Itemized Lectures on Radiation Oncology(2018)
○Clinical Quantitative Technology: Research(2017)
○Radiation theraphy Technology:Lecture(2017)
○Clinical Quantitave Technology: Research(2017)
○Research Design in Health Science 2: Lecture(2017)
○Medical Physics:Lecture(2017)
○Clinical Quantitative Technology: Seminar(2017)
○Clinical Quantitative Technology: Lecture(2017)
○Clinical Practice Management Seminar(2017)
○Radiation therapy & Biological Safe Science: Semi.(2017)
○Radiation therapy & Biological Safe Science: Lec.(2017)
○Research Design in Medical Radiation Science: Lec.(2017)
○Research Design in Medical Radiation Science: Lec.(2016)
○Clinical Quantitative Technology: Seminar(2016)
○Radiation theraphy Technology:Lecture(2016)
○Clinical Quantitative Technology: Research(2016)
○Clinical Practice Management Seminar(2016)
○Clinical Quantitative Technology: Lecture(2016)
○Medical Physics:Lecture(2016)
○Radiation therapy & Biological Safe Science: Lec.(2016)
○Radiation therapy & Biological Safe Science: Semi.(2016)
○Clinical Quantitave Technology: Research(2016)
○Research Design in Health Science 2: Lecture(2016)

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