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Associate Professor YASUGI, Tetsuo

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Kanazawa University Associate Professor(2020/11/01-)
Kanazawa University Assistant Professor(2015/11/01-2020/10/31)

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  •  A continuation method for spatially discretized models with nonlocal interactions conserving size and shape of cells and lattices. Shin-Ichiro Ei,Hiroshi Ishii,Makoto Sato,Yoshitaro Tanaka,Miaoxing Wang,Tetsuo Yasugi Journal of mathematical biology 2020/09/21
  •  Role for phagocytosis in the prevention of neoplastic transformation in Drosophila. Min Zhang,Kaz Nagaosa,Yuji Nakai,Tetsuo Yasugi,Masako Kushihiki,Dini Rahmatika,Makoto Sato,Akiko Shiratsuchi,Yoshinobu Nakanishi Genes to cells : devoted to molecular & cellular mechanisms 2020/08/31
  •  Dscam1 establishes the columnar units through lineage-dependent repulsion between sister neurons in the fly brain. Chuyan Liu,Olena Trush,Xujun Han,Miaoxing Wang,Rie Takayama,Tetsuo Yasugi,Takashi Hayashi,Makoto Sato Nature communications 11 1 4067 2020/08/13
  •  Netrin Signaling Defines the Regional Border in the Drosophila Visual Center. Suzuki T,Liu C,Kato S,Nishimura K,Takechi H,Yasugi T,Takayama R,Hakeda-Suzuki S,Suzuki T,Sato M iScience 8 148 2018/09
  •  Temporal patterning of neurogenesis and neural wiring in the fly visual system. Sato M,Yasugi T,Trush O Neuroscience research 2018/09

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  •  JAK/STAT guarantees robust neural stem cell differentiation by shutting off biological noise. Tanaka Y,Yasugi T,Nagayama M,Sato M,Ei SI Scientific reports 8 1 12484 2018/08
  •  Adaptation to dietary conditions by trehalose metabolism in Drosophila Tetsuo Yasugi,Takayuki Yamada,Takashi Nishimura SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7 1 1619 2017/05
  •  A Combination of CRISPR/Cas9 and Standardized RNAi as a Versatile Platform for the Characterization of Gene Function Sebastian Wissel,Anja Kieser,Tetsuo Yasugi,Peter Duchek,Elisabeth Roitinger,Joseph Gokcezade,Victoria Steinmann,Ulrike Gaul,Karl Mechtler,Klaus Foerstemann,Juergen A. Knoblich,Ralph A. Neumueller G3-GENES GENOMES GENETICS 6 8 2467 2016/08
  •  Notch-mediated lateral inhibition regulates proneural wave propagation when combined with EGF-mediated reaction diffusion Makoto Sato,Tetsuo Yasugi,Yoshiaki Minami,Takashi Miura,Masaharu Nagayama PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 113 35 E5153 2016/08
  •  Wnt Signaling Specifies Anteroposterior Progenitor Zone Identity in the Drosophila Visual Center Takumi Suzuki,Olena Trush,Tetsuo Yasugi,Rie Takayama,Makoto Sato JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 36 24 6503 2016/06
  •  Temporal regulation of the generation of neuronal diversity in Drosophila Tetsuo Yasugi,Takashi Nishimura DEVELOPMENT GROWTH & DIFFERENTIATION 58 1 73 2016/01
  •  A Regulatory Transcriptional Loop Controls Proliferation and Differentiation in Drosophila Neural Stem Cells Tetsuo Yasugi,Anja Fischer,Yanrui Jiang,Heinrich Reichert,Juergen A. Knoblich PLOS ONE 9 5 e97034 2014/05
  •  Fat/Hippo pathway regulates the progress of neural differentiation signaling in the Drosophila optic lobe Haruhiko Kawamori,Miyako Tai,Makoto Sato,Tetsuo Yasugi,Tetsuya Tabata DEVELOPMENT GROWTH & DIFFERENTIATION 53 5 653 2011/06
  •  Coordinated sequential action of EGFR and Notch signaling pathways regulates proneural wave progression in the Drosophila optic lobe Tetsuo Yasugi,Atsushi Sugie,Daiki Umetsu,Tetsuya Tabata DEVELOPMENT 137 19 3193 2010/10
  •  Recognition of pre- and postsynaptic neurons via nephrin/NEPH1 homologs is a basis for the formation of the Drosophila retinotopic map Atsushi Sugie,Daiki Umetsu,Tetsuo Yasugi,Karl-Friedrich Fischbach,Tetsuya Tabata DEVELOPMENT 137 19 3303 2010/10
  •  Drosophila optic lobe neuroblasts triggered by a wave of proneural gene expression that is negatively regulated by JAK/STAT Tetsuo Yasugi,Daiki Umetsu,Satoshi Murakami,Makoto Sato,Tetsuya Tabata DEVELOPMENT 135 8 1471 2008/04
  •  DWnt4 regulates the dorsoventral specificity of retinal projections in the Drosophila melanogaster visual system M Sato,D Umetsu,S Murakami,T Yasugi,T Tabata NATURE NEUROSCIENCE 9 1 67 2006/01
  •  DPP signaling controls development of the lamina glia required for retinal axon targeting in the visual system of Drosophila S Yoshida,L Soustelle,A Giangrande,D Umetsu,S Murakami,T Yasugi,T Awasaki,K Ito,M Sato,T Tabata DEVELOPMENT 132 20 4587 2005/10

Conference Presentations


  •  分化の波の数理モデルに対する離散構造を保持する連続化の提案 田中吉太郎,八杉徹雄,佐藤純,栄伸一郎 日本応用数理学会年会講演予稿集(CD-ROM) 2017 43‐44 2017/09/04
  •  分化の波のノイズ抑制機構に対する数理モデリングと実験からのアプローチ 田中吉太郎,八杉徹雄,佐藤純,長山雅晴,栄伸一郎 計算工学講演会論文集(CD-ROM) 22 ROMBUNNO.D‐05‐5 2017/05/31
  •  JAK/STAT guarantees robust differentiation of neural stem cells by shutting off biological noises in the developing fly brain Makoto Sato,Tetsuo Yasugi,Yoshitaro Tanaka,Masaharu Nagayama,Shin-Ichiro Ei ACADEMIC PRESS LTD- ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD 100 127 2017/12

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○Developmental Neurobiology(2019)
○Developmental Neurobiology(2019)
○Developmental Neurobiology(2018)
○Developmental Neurobiology(2017)
○Developmental Neurobiology(2017)
○Developmental Neurobiology(2016)
○Developmental Neurobiology(2016)

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