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Researcher Information

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Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Geosciences and civil Engineering,Institute of Science and Engineering

College and School Educational Field

Division of Environmental Engineering Design, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Division of Environmental Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
School of Environmental Design, College of Science and Engineering


Academic Background

【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Kanazawa University 1979


Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society

Japan Society on Water Environment
Japan Society of Civil Engineers
International Water Association

Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management
Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management


○Environmental Technorogy and Project(2008/11)


Civil and environmental engineering、Environmental engineering and reduction of environmental burden、Environmental dynamic analysis

Speciality Keywords

sewer system, wasetewater treatment, biological treatment, water cycle, environmental microgiology, sulfate reduction

Research Themes

Biomass recycle

Digestion of sewage sludge and vegetation system biomass, carbonization process

Development and stabilizatio nactivated sludqe system

Development of wastewater treatment system using sulfur oxdatiion-reduction



  •  One-stage nitritation/anammox process using a biofilm reactor with two-inflow Zulkarnaini, Qin Yujie,Ryoko Yamamoto- Ikemoto, Norihisa Matsuura Journal of Water and Environment Technology 18 2 607 2018
  •   Improvement of dewatering characteristics by co-digestion of rice straw with sewage sludge. Tingting Gu, Ryoko Yamamoto-Ikemoto, Eri Tsuchiya-Nakakihara, Yasutaka Suetsugu, Haruki Watanabe Environmental Technology Volume 37  Issue 23  3024-3029  2016
  •  Methane Recovery and Microbial Community Analysis of a High Solid Thermophilic Co-digestion of Sewage Sludge and Waste Fried Tofu Tingting Gu, Taketo Togari, Ryoko Yamamoto-Ikemoto, Eri Tsuchiya-Nakakihara Journal of Water and Environment Technology Vol. 14 No. 5 2016
  •   Effects of microwave pretreatment of dewatered sludge from an oxidation-ditch process on the biogas yield in mesophilic anaerobic digestion Togari T, Yamamoto-Ikemoto R, Ono H, Takashima K, Honda R, Tanaka K Journal of Water and Environment Technology  Vol. 14  No. 3 2016
  •  Treatment ofeutrophic lake water and phosphorus recovery by reusing alum sludge and/orwood M. Takashima, S. Nakamura, M. Takano and R. Ikemoto Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination 5巻 4号 446‐453 2015

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  •  Treatment of dye works wastewater using box-shaped anaerobic-oxic biological filter reactor packed with carbon fiber and aerated with micro-bubble T. YAMASHITA1, R. YAMAMOTO-IKEMOTO, E. SAKURAI and J. ZHU 1 2007/11
  •  High solid anaerobic co-digestion of garbage, rice straw and rice husk Yamamoto-Ikemoto Ryoko, Gu TingTing, Takano Morihiro, Tsuritani Takashi, Kitano Shigeru, Okamoto Minoru  Proc. of 9th IWA International Symposium on Waste Management Problems in Agro-Industries  Vol. 1 143-150 2014/11
  •  Mitigation of nitrous oxide (N2O) emission from swine wastewater treatment in an aerobic bioreactor packed with carbon fibers Takahiro Yamashita, Ryoko Yamamoto-Ikemoto, Hiroshi Yokoyama, Hirofumi Kawahara, Takashi Osada, Akifumi Ogino, and Yasuo Tanaka  Animal Science Journal DOI: 10 1111/asj.12302 2014/11
  •   Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal from Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent via Bacterial Sulfate Reduction in an Anoxic Bioreactor Packed with Wood and Iron Takahiro Yamashita, Ryoko Yamamoto-Ikemoto  Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health Vol. 11 No. 9 9835-9853 2014/09
  •  Improvement of dewatering characteristics and methane yield by the addition of rice straw in a sewage sludge digester Ryoko Yamamoto-Ikemoto, Eri Tsuchiya-Nakakihara, Ryo Honda, Yasutaka Suetsugu, Haruki Watanabe 2014/09
  •  Degradation of starch containing wastewater in a sulphidogenic condition Eri Tsuchiya-Nakakihara, Ryoko Yamamoto-Ikemoto, Ryo Honda Online 2014/09
  •  Effect of the addition of rice straw on microbial community in a sewage sludge digester E. Nakakihara, R. Ikemoto-Yamamoto, R. Honda, S. Ohtsuki, M. Takano, Y Suetsugu and H. Watanabe Water Science & Technology Vol. 70 No. 5  819-827 2014/05
  •  オキシデーションディッチ汚泥と廃油揚げを用いた高濃度混合嫌気性消化 Vol. 69 2013/12
  •  Effects of rice straw addition on microbial community in sewage sludge digester E Tsuchiya-Nakakihara, R. Yamamoto-Ikemoto, R. Honda, S. Ohtsuki, T. Nakade, H. Nishida, M. Takano   Proceedings of The 5th IWA-ASPIRE Conference and Exhibition,CD-ROM 2013/09
  •  Methane recovery of lakeside reed cut by volunteers in a municipal wastewater treatment plant S. Miyamoto, E. Nakakihara and R. Yamamoto-Ikemoto Proceedings of The 5th IWA-ASPIRE Conference and Exhibition,CO-ROM 2013/09
  •  Mesophilic co-digestion of sewerage sludge in the oxidation-ditch process and wasted fried tofu  T. Gu, T. Togari, T. Nakade, R. Yamamoto-Ikemoto, E. Nakakihara and R. Honda Proc. of the 4th IWA Asia-Pacific Young Water Professionals Conference 2012 2012/12
  •  Treatment of Municipal Sewage in Snowy Region by Using Anaerobic-Oxic Biological Filter Reactor Equipped With Swinging Carbon Fibers Y. Chen, R. Yamamoto-Ikemoto, E. Nakakihara and R. Honda proc.of the 4th IWA Asia-Pacific Young Water Professionals Conference 2012/02
  •  Recovery of Acetic Acid from Digested Sludge and Rice Straw Using Sulfate Reduction R. Yamamoto-Ikemoto, S. Ohtsuki, E. Nakakihara and M. Takano Proceedings of The 4th IWA-ASPIRE Conference and Exibition 2011/09
  •  Treatment of sewage by an anaerobic biological filter reactor equipped with swinging carbon-fiber brushes under low-temperature conditions Proc of IWA Biofilm 2011/09
  •  Degradation of Wasted Sludge Using Sulfate Reduction. YAMAMOTO-IKEMTO1, Eri NAKAKIHARA1, Shinji OHTSUKI and Morihiro TAKANO Proc. of The 4th IWA-ASPIRE 2011/09
  •  Treatment of Domestic Wastewater Using an Anaerobic Biological Filter Reactor equipped with swinging carbon fibers  R. Yamamoto-Ikemoto, Y. Kinari, A. Watanabe, E. Nakakihara, E. Sakurai Proceedings of IWA Biofilm 2011
  •  Sulfate-reducing bacteria in a denitrification reactor packed with wood as a carbon source. Takahiro Yamashita, Ryoko Yamamoto-ikemoto and Jianqing Zhu, BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY 102 2235-2241 2011/01
  •  Control of Nitrogen Leaching from Agricultural Soil using Wood Chips and Charcoal M. Takano, R. Yamamoto-Ikemoto, Proceedings of 3rd IWA ASPIRE Conference and Exhibition E3-0-4 2010/10
  •  Treatment of municipal wastewater using an anaerobic-anoxic-oxic biological filter reactor packed with carbone filters and aerated with micro bubles Takahiro Yamashita, Ryoko Yamamoto-Ikemoto, Eiji Sakurai, Kouhei Aikawa and Erika Kaneko Sustain. Environ. Res 20 4 205-211 2010/06
  •  稲わらの膨張軟化処理によるメタン発酵の促進
  •  蓼科湖の湖底堆積珪藻の垂直分布と水質モニタリング結果との対応,およびそれ以前の水環境の推定 2009/06
  •  Leaching Behavior of Phosphorous in Carbonized Waste Sludge AKAMATSU Saori, CHOHJI Tetsuji, TAFU Masamoto and YAMAMOTO-IKEMOTO Ryoko Journal of Ecotechnology Research 2008/09
  •  Phosphate removal and sulfate reduction in denitrification reactor packed with iron and wood. T. YAMASHITA WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Vol. 5,issue 7, pp 728-737 2008/07
  •  Control of filamentous bulking and interactions among sulfur oxidation-reduction and iron oxidation reduction in activated sludge using iron coagulant. WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 38 8-9 9-17 1998/08
  •  Effect of temperature on sulfate reduction, phosphate release and denitrification and their relation with filamentous sulfur bacteria in an anaerobic-oxic activated sludge of a municipal plant. 環境工学研究論文集 33 279-287 1997/12
  •  Interactions among filamentous sulfur bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria and poly-P accumulationg bacteria in the anaerobic-ocix activated sludge of a municipal plant. Water Science & Technology 37 4-5 599-603 1997/04
  •  Nitrogen removal from hydroponic culture wastewater by autotrophic denitrification using thiosulfate. WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 42 3-4 369-376 2000/03
  •  Simultaneous microbial sulfur and iron oxidation-reduction and phosphate release in anaerobic-oxic activated sludge 環境工学研究論文集 36 145-153 1999/12
  •  Effects of swarage system on water quality and development of effluent water quality from sewage treatment plant. Proc. of the International Symposium on Earth-Water-Humans 292-300 1999/05
  •  A study on sulfur denitrification combined with sulfate reduction in the biological filtration process. Proceedings of The 8th International Conference on Anaerobic Digestion 3 260-263 1997/05
  •  Biological iron oxidation- reduction and those effects on sulfur oxidation-reduction, denitrification and poly-P accumulation in an anaerobic-oxic activated sludge. Proc. of 1st World Water Congress of IWA Proc. of the 3rd IWA International Specialised Conference on Microorganisms in Activated Sludge and Biofilm Processes 2001/06
  •  Effects of C/N,C/S and S/N ratio on TOC and nitrogen removal in the sulfate reduction-sulfur denitrification process. Proc. of ASIAN WATERQUAL 2001 (the First IWA Sasia-Pasific Regianal Conference) 2 929-934 2001/09
  •  Effects of sulfur and iron Concentrations on sulfur and iron oxidation reduction. Proc. of 1st World Water Congress of IWA 2000/07
  •  TCE removal in the anaerobic-oxic biological filter. Proc. of the 3rd IWA Specialized Conference on Hazard Assessment and Control of Environmental Contaminants 593-600 2000/12
  •  Effects of C/N, C/S and S/N ratios on TOC and Nitrogen Removal in the sulfate reduction-sulfur denitrification process. Proc. of Asian Waterqual 2001 2 929-9 2001/10
  •  Effects of C/N, C/S and S/N ratios on TOC and nitrogen removal in sulfate reduction-sulfur oxdation process. Journal of Water Environment and Technology 1 1 7-12 2003/01
  •  Role of sulfatereduction and sulfur oxidation bacteria on denitrification using chpo sticks as organic carbone source Takahiro Yamashita 42 1 581-590 2005/12
  •  Sulfur oxidation reduction activities and microbial community change in activated sludge Naoki Miyazato 804 37 93-100 2005/11
  •  Microbial community change of sulfate reduction and sulfur oxidation bacteria in the activated sludge cultivated with acetate and peptone, Water Science & Technology WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 54 8 111-119 2006/11
  •  Role of sulfate reduction and sulfur oxidation bacteria on denitirification using ceder as organic carbon source 43 1 169-179 2006/11

Conference Presentations

  • One-stage nitritation/anammox process by a biofilm reactor with two-inflows(conference:Water and environment technology conference 2017)(2017/07)
  • Nitrogen removal and microbial community in one-stage nitritation/anammox process by a biofilm reactor with two-inflows(conference:7th IWA-ASPIRE Conference 2017)(2017/09)
  • Nitrogen Removal by Sulfate Reduction, Denitrification/Anammox and Nitritation Process(conference:7th IWA-ASPIRE Conference 2017)(2017/09)
  • Influent of Sulfate on Phosphorus Removal and Growth of Filamentous Bacteria in Anaerobic-Oxic Activated Sludge Process(conference:7th IWA-ASPIRE Conference 2017)(2017/09)
  • Sulfate Reduction and Sulfur Denitrification in an Anaerobic-anoxic-oxic Biofilm Process(conference:Water Environmental Technokogy conference)(2016/08)

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  • Effects of Biomass Addition on Organic Composition of Supernatant in Sludge Digestion Process(conference:The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2016)(2016/10)
  • Effects of Agricultural Fields in Reclaimed Land and River Basin on Water Quality in Lake Kahokugata, Japan(conference:The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2016)(2016/10)
  • Decomposition of Sewage Sludge and Control of Phosphorus Release by Sulphate Reduction(conference:The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2016)(2016/10)

Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research


Classes (Bachelors)

○Practice of Environmental Design(2017)
○Experiment in Environment and Disaster Prevention Engineering(2017)
○Introduction of Environmental Engineering(2017)
○Engineering of Building Equipment(2017)
○Water Environmental Engineering(2017)
○Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering(2017)
○Introduction to Information Technology(2017)
○Fundamental Chemistry 1(2017)
○Graduation thesis Or Design(2017)
○Graduation thesis Or Design(2016)
○Water Environmental Engineering(2016)
○Graduation thesis Or Design(2016)
○Internships A(2016)
○Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering(2016)
○Fundamental Chemistry 1(2016)
○Experiment in Environment and Disaster Prevention Engineering(2016)
○Introduction to Information Technology(2016)
○Internships B(2016)
○Introduction of Environmental Engineering(2016)
○Engineering of Building Equipment(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Water Environmental Engineering(2017)
○Water Environmental Engineering(2017)
○Exercise on Regional and Global Environment(2017)
○Water Pollution Control Engineering(2017)
○Introduction to Environmental Engineering B(2017)
○Introduction to Environmental Engineering A(2017)
○Water Environmental Engineering(2017)
○Water Environmental Engineering(2017)
○Biomass and Environmental Engineering(2017)
○Theme Project(2017)
○Theme Project(2017)
○Theme Project(2016)
○Theme Project(2016)
○Introduction to Environmental Engineering(2016)
○Water Environmental Engineering(2016)
○Water Pollution Control Engineering(2016)
○Exercise on Regional and Global Environment(2016)

International Project

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

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