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last modified:2023/03/22

Associate Professor KIMURA, Hideharu


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Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

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  •  Long-lasting shrinkage in tumor mass after discontinuation of nivolumab treatment. Lung Cancer 2017
  •  A Rapid and Sensitive Method for Detection of the T790M Mutation of EGFR in Plasma DNA. Kimura H, Nishikawa S, Koba H, Yoneda T, Sone T, Kasahara K.  Adv Exp Med Biol 924 171-174 2016
  •  Analytical performance of the cobas EGFR mutation assay for Japanese non-small-cell lung cancer. Kimura H, Ohira T, Uchida O, Matsubayashi J, Shimizu S, Nagao T, Ikeda N, Nishio K. Lung Cancer 83 3 329-333 2014/03
  •  Serum heparan sulfate concentration is correlated with the failure of epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment in patients with lung adenocarcinoma Nishio, Makoto; Yamanaka, Takeharu; Matsumoto, Kazuko; Kimura, Hideharu; Sakai, Kazuko; Sakai, Asao; Sone, Takashi; Horiike, Atsushi; Koizumi, Fumiaki; Kasahara, Kazuo; Ohira, Tatsuo; Ikeda, Norihiko; Saijo, Nagahiro; Arao, Tokuzo; Nishio, Kazuto Journal of Thoracic Oncology 6 11 1889-1894 2011/11/01 
  •  MET increases the sensitivity of gefitinib-resistant cells to SN-38, an active metabolite of irinotecan, by Up-regulating the topoisomerase i activity Sakai, Asao; Kasahara, Kazuo; Ohmori, Tohru; Kimura, Hideharu; Sone, Takashi; Fujimur?, Mas?ki; Nakao, Shinji Journal of Thoracic Oncology 7 9 1337-1344 2012/09/01 

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  •  Real-World Efficacy of First-Line Pembrolizumab in Patients With Advanced or Recurrent Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer and High PD-L1 Tumor Expression. Tambo Y, Sone T, Shibata K, Nishi K, Shirasaki H, Yoneda T, Araya T, Kase K, Nishikawa S, Kimura H, Kasahara K. Clin Lung Cancer. 2020/02
  •  Long-lasting responses after discontinuation of nivolumab treatment for reasons other than tumor progression in patients with previously treated, advanced non-small cell lung cancer. Kimura H, Araya T, Yoneda T, Shirasaki H, Kurokawa K, Sakai T, Koba H, Tambo Y, Nishikawa S, Sone T, Kasahara K. Cancer Commun (Lond). 2019/11
  •  A case of EGFR mutation-positive lung adenocarcinoma in which the T790M allele fraction was increased by repeated EGFR-TKI treatment. Kimura H, Amino Y, Koba H, Tambo Y, Ohkura N, Hara J, Sone T, Kasahara K. Cancer Commun (Lond). 39 1 2019/11
  •  Repeated bronchoconstriction attenuates the cough response to bronchoconstriction in naïve guinea pigs. Yamamura K, Hara J, Sakai T, Ohkura N, Abo M, Ogawa N, Okazaki A, Sone T, Kimura H, Fujimura M, Nakao S, Kasahara K. Allergol Int. 2019/10
  •  The prevalence and clinical features of asthma-COPD overlap (ACO) definitively diagnosed according to the Japanese Respiratory Society Guidelines for the Management of ACO 2018. Yamamura K, Hara J, Kobayashi T, Ohkura N, Abo M, Akasaki K, Nomura S, Yuasa M, Saeki K, Terada N, Matsuoka H, Tambo Y, Nishikawa S, Sone T, Kimura H, Kasahara K. J Med Invest. 2019
  •  Real-World Evidence of Safety and Efficacy of Carboplatin plus Nanoparticle Albumin-Bound Paclitaxel in Patients with Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer and Preexisting Interstitial Lung Disease: A Retrospective Study. Araya T, Kita T, Ueda T, Terada N, Sakai T, Yamamura K, Kurokawa K, Uchida Y, Sone T, Kimura H, Kasahara K. Can Respir J. 2019/03
  •  Role of prostaglandin I2 in the bronchoconstriction-triggered cough response in guinea pigs. Sakai T, Hara J, Yamamura K, Okazaki A, Ohkura N, Sone T, Kimura H, Abo M, Yoshimura K, Fujimura M, Kasahara K, Nakao S. Exp Lung Res. 44 10 455-463 2018/12
  •  Increased Cough Receptor Sensitivity to Capsaicin Predicts a Positive Bronchial Thermoplasty Response: A Single-center Retrospective Study. Yamamura K, Hara J, Ohkura N, Abo M, Sone T, Kimura H, Kasahara K. J Bronchology Interv Pulmonol. 26 2 137-141 2019/04
  •  A case of sinobronchial syndrome progressing to diffuse panbronchiolitis despite low-dose, long-term macrolide therapy. Abo M, Amino Y, Hara J, Ohkura N, Sone T, Kimura H, Kasahara K. J Thorac Dis. 10 10 E727-729 2018/10
  •  A Single Institution Retrospective Study of the Clinical Efficacy of Tiotropium Respimat in Never-Smoking Elderly Asthmatics with Irreversible Airflow Limitation. Hara J, Kasahara K, Ohkura N, Yamamura K, Sakai T, Abo M, Ogawa N, Saeki K, Koba H, Watanabe S, Uchida Y, Tambo Y, Sone T, Kimura H. Drug Res (Stuttg). 64 4 211-217 2019/04
  •  Successful treatment of lung adenocarcinoma with gefitinib based on EGFR gene amplification. Wang C, Xu F, Shen J, Zhang L, Zhang J, Jin J, Ampollini L, van Schil P, Kimura H, Grossi F, Suda K, Zhang B, Ma D; written on behalf of the AME Lung Cancer Collaborative Group. J Thorac Dis. 10 11 E779-783 2018/11

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○Respiratory Diseases(2017)
○Respiratory Diseases(2016)

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○Advanced course of Pulmonary Medicine(2017)
○Advanced course of Pulmonary Medicine(2017)
○Advanced course of Pulmonary Medicine(2016)
○Advanced course of Pulmonary Medicine(2016)

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