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Researcher Information

last modified:2020/04/10

Professor HOSO Masahiro


Faculty, Affiliation

College and School Educational Field

Division of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Phamaceutical Science
Division of Neuroscience, Graduate School of Medical Science
Department of Physical Therapy,School of Health Sciences, College of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences


 TEL:076-265-2622 FAX:076-234-4372

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Kanazawa University Doctor Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences Human Patholgy 198809 Completed
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Kanazawa University 198403
Doctor of Medicine


Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society



Human Pathology、Human anatomy、Rehabilitation science/Welfare engineering

Speciality Keywords

Locomotory System, Joint component, Contracture

Research Themes

Pothological study of the musculoskeletal disorder

Relationship between the body balance and social and cultural factors.

Human Pathology


  •  Liver Cancer Churchill Livingstone 1997/10


  •  Effect of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound therapy on a rat knee joint contracture model Watanabe, M, Kojima, S, Hoso M Journal of Physical Therapy Science 29 9 1567-1572 2017
  •  Long-term histopathological developments in knee-joint components in a rat model of osteoarthritis induced by monosodium iodoacetate Takahashi I, Matsuzaki T, Hoso M Journal of Physical Therapy Science 29 4 590-597 2017
  •  Histopathological changes in surrounding tissue of the sciatic nerve after spinal cord injury in rats. Kitade I, Hoso M, Matsuzaki T, Yoshida S, Kamijo A, Araki Y, Takahashi Il J. Phys. Ther. Sci. 24 9 817-820 2012/09
  •  An Unusual Case of Epithelial-Myoepithelial Carcinoma of the liver. Am. J. Surgical Pathology 23 349-353 1999/03
  •  Aly/Aly Mice: A Unique Models of Biliary Disease HEPATOLOGY 27 1499-1507 1998/05

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  •  Bilateral and Unilateral Measurement of Chest Excursion 金沢大学医学部保健学科紀要 24 1 1-6 2000/12
  •  Chest Excursion and Breathing Patterns in the Aged 金沢大学医学部保健学科紀要 24 2 15-19 2001/03
  •  Effect of Posture on Maximal Expiratory Pressure 金沢大学医学部保健学科紀要 23 2 97-101 1999/12
  •  Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma arising in congenital hepatic fibrosis: report of an autopsy case J Hepatology 28 717-722 1998/05
  •  Non-Task-Specific Training to the Lattisimi Dorsi and Oblique Abdominal Muscle 金沢大学医学部保健学科紀要 23 1 9-14 1999/07
  •  Preventive Effect of Passive Range of Motion Exercize on Denervation-Induced Muscle Atroph 金沢大学医学部保健学科紀要 23 1 55-58 1999/07
  •  Relationship of Tibialis Anterior Muscle Reaction Time and Gait Characteristics 金沢大学医学部保健学科紀要 24 2 15-19 2001/03
  •  The Articular Cartilages of the Human Sternoclavicular Joints are not only formed by a Fibrocartilage but a Hyaline Cartilage or Combination of Both Cartilage Tissue Types; A Histological Study of 7 Japanese Autopsy Cases 金沢大学医学部保健学科紀要 24 1 15-20 2000/09
  •  Transient Postural Sway following Treadmill Walking 金沢大学医学部保健学科紀要 24 1 7-13 2000/09
  •  Osteoblastic activity and estrogenic response in the regenerating scale of goldfish, a good model of osteogenesis. Yoshikubo H, Suzuki N, Takemura K, Hoso M, Yashima S, Iwamuro S, Takagi Y, Tabata MJ, Hattori A. LIFE SCIENCES 76 23 2699-2709 2005/04
  •  A histological study of articular cartilages of the human sternoclavicular joint, proposals for modification in the established descriptions and for improvement of the cartilage tissue classification Hoso Masahiro, Kanemori Yoshiko, Yoshikubo Hiroaki, Takemura Keijyu, Matsuzaki Taro, Tachino Katsuhiko J. Tsuruma Heath Science Society 27 1 15-22 2003
  •  Fibrillation of the articular cartilages of the human sternoclavicular joint. A report of 20 autopsy cases. Hoso Masahiro, Kanemori Yoshiko, Yoshikubo Hiroaki, Takemura Keijyu, Matsuzaki Taro, Tachino Katsuhiko J. Tsuruma Heath Science Society 27 1 137-140 2003
  •  Histopathological Cnanges in Knee Joint Component after Spinal Cord Injury in Rats Kitade I, Hoso M, Matsuzaki T, Inaoka PT, Kamijo A, Araki Y, Takahashi Il J. Phys. Ther. Sci. 24 1 11-14 2012/01
  •  Effect of Muscle Strength Training and Muscle Endurance Training on Muscle Deoxygenation Level and Endurance Performance Keita Uchiyama, Hiroichi Miaki, Shigeru Terada, Masahiro Hoso Journal of Physical Therapy Science 23 2 2011/02
  •  Analysis of a low-invasive method to create full-thickness articular cartilage defects in a rat Takahashi I, Hoso M, Matsuzaki Tl Journal of Physical Therapy Science 23 879-882 2011/06
  •  Histopathological Changes of Joint Capsule after Joint Immobility Compared with Aging in Rats Watanabe M, Hoso M, Hibino I, Matsuzaki T, Kojima S 22 369-374 2010/02
  •  A case of lymphocytic mastopathy requiring differential diagnosis from primary breast lymphoma. Oba M, Sasaki M, Ii T, Hoso M, Ajisaka H, Matsuki N, Miwa K. 16 2 141-146 2009/07
  •  Effect of Immobilization on Insoluble Collagen Concentration and Type I and Type III Collagen Isoforms of Rat Soleus Muscle. Hibino I, Okita M、Inoue T, Banno Y, Hoso M 11 1 1-6 2008/01

Conference Presentations

  • Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS) Therapy for Prevention of ROM Limitation and Histopathological Changes in Joint Capsules in the Rat Knee Joint (conference:WCPT-AWP & PTAT CONGRESS 2017)(2017/05/27)
  • The Effect of Cryotherapy for the Prevention of Contracture(conference:WCPT Congress 2015)(2015/03)
  • Histopathological Changes in Joint Components in a Rat Knee Joint Contracture Model Following Low-intesity Pulsed Ultrasound(conference:WCPT Congress 2015)(2015/03)
  • Changes in the Histopathological and Morphometrical Findings of the Adeipose cell of infrapatellar Fat Pad after Spinal Cord Injury in Rats(conference:9th World Congress of The International Society for Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine)(2015/06)

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  • Histopathological Changes in Joint Capsule and Synovial Membrane in a Rat Model of Osteoarthritis(conference:OARSI 2016 World Congress On Osteoarthritis )(2016/04)
  • Histopathological Changes in Joint Capsule and Synovial Membrane in a Rat Model of Osteoarthritis(conference:OARSI 2016 World Congress On Osteoarthritis)
  • Influence of Vibration on Articular Cartilage of Experimental Osteoarthritid Model in Mice(conference:ACPT Congress 2016)(2016/10/07)
  • An immunohistochemical study of the sciatic nerve in a rat knee immobilization model Journal of Physical Therapy Science (conference:ACPT Congress 2016)(2016/10/07)

Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

○Pathology of the joint contracture

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research


Classes (Bachelors)

○Anatomy 2(2017)
○Basic Pathology(2017)
○Basic Anatomy(2017)
○Practice of Anatomy(2017)
○Basic Pathology(2017)
○Orthopedic Pathology(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2017)
○Basic Pathology(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2016)
○Freshman Seminar I(2016)
○Introduction to Region-studies(2016)
○Basic Pathology(2016)
○Basic Anatomy(2016)
○Basic Pathology(2016)
○Practice of Anatomy(2016)
○Basic Pathology(2016)
○Orthopedic Pathology(2016)
○Anatomy 2(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Fostering the independence of researchers(2017)
○Evaliation and Assessment of Impairment:Lecture(2017)
○Evaliation and Assessment of Impairment:Seminar(2017)
○Impairment Analysis Science:Reseach(2017)
○Evaluation and Assessment of Impairment: Seminar(2017)
○Evaluation and Assessment of Impairment: Lecture(2017)
○Research Design in Physical Therapy: Lecture(2017)
○Impairment Advanced Analysis:Research(2017)
○Evaliation and Assessment of Impairment:Seminar(2016)
○Research Design in Physical Therapy: Lecture(2016)
○Impairment Advanced Analysis:Research(2016)
○Evaliation and Assessment of Impairment:Lecture(2016)
○Evaluation and Assessment of Impairment: Lecture(2016)
○Impairment Analysis Science:Reseach(2016)
○Evaluation and Assessment of Impairment: Seminar(2016)
○Research Design in Health Science: Lecture(2016)

International Project

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

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